Thursday, January 29, 2009

2008 Brought So Many Changes!

Early 2008 brought many changes to our lives. Job changes forced us to simplify our lives and consolidate to just one home. This started with packing at our new home we had just moved into August 2007. Then, when we started moving boxes to the lake, we soon realized we must really purge more and try to find space for storage. The area that had been an old bathroom quickly became a brainstorm for Poppy. In early March we spent a lot of time at the lake. We framed old bathroom area into a small walk-in closet. This would afford us very valuable storage space.

While there in the early spring, we were also blessed with the arrival of the loons who are so rare. What fun to spot them on the lake and a second later they are gone, submerged to come up yards away.

By April first we had sold and closed on our new house and moved to Loon Lake. We lived with many boxes as we decided what to keep and what should go. We were wall to wall furniture and still working around the drywall that needed to go on the lodge room ceiling. By leaning the drywall against the walls, we could finally have a bit more space.

Let me tell you, those first few months were a bit trying! But, soon the closet was done and we had room for a lot of much-needed storage.

By late spring, we had settled in quite nicely and found a place for most everything. A lot was sold or given away and the garage was bursting at its seams. We enjoyed the summer months with GG living with us due to Bapa's death the end of May. She got used to our "projects" as we continued to work on our work in progress. In mid-July Poppy took a week off and we tackled the dry wall on the lodge room ceiling. We got very good at measuring and cutting the location of each can light hole. This was a VERY good thing and by end of July when we held Bapa's Memorial Service and family reunion here afterwards, it looked a bit more "put together." HA!

As fall approached, we desperately wanted to get our new Anderson windows and patio door in the front wall of the lodge room. Finally we got a warm enough day to tackle that big job. The contractor came to help and they took out the old, reframed the whole wall and readied it for the new windows and door. That was all in one afternoon. As night fell, Grandmommy realized that the OSB put up to close the wall was going to be all we had to look at until another nice warm fall day. UGH! It was so dark in the room and air infiltrated all the cracks and edges. Brrr...Finally a month later in mid-November we had another sunny, warmer day and they arrived to install the new. What a difference this made on our outlook. The new door and windows give us such a transformed view of the lake. Love it!
Stay episode will be the demolition of the north third of Loon Lake Lodge! What a work-filled autumn we had!

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