Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In the Beginning

Gonna take you back to when we first bought Loon Lake Lodge. The property was in need of a lot of tender loving care. It sat empty for one whole winter and we came across it in early spring. We had been looking for a "cottage" that we could eventually fix up for a retirement home. But, did we really need a three bedroom, three bath year round home?? Were we crazy? We closed on the deal in May and started to furnish it and move in before Memorial Day weekend. That was also the year our youngest daughter got married in early June. That same weekend our oldest daughter and her boyfriend came up after the wedding to see our new lake place and help us put the pier in for the first season. We were quickly learning the ropes of owning a lake home. That was when we had lawn chairs for furniture inside and old melmac plates to eat on. But we LOVED it. That same year my folks decided to sell their home on a very large lake about 40 minutes from our new place. We "inherited" everything they did not want to move to FL so we quickly had everything we needed to furnish and set up a household - and MORE!

Seriously, what really attracted us to this home was the POTENTIAL! Also, as with all real estate, it was location, location, location. It was on a beautiful LAKE! Our lot is large, allowing future expansion if needed. We had a great beach for swimming, and we had a lot across the road with a two car garage, a shed and fruit trees! All of this makes it one of the best locations on Loon Lake.

These photos show it before any improvements. In the following days I will take you through all we have done at Loon Lake Lodge. Ya'all come back now and see how things are evolving!
Here is just a teaser!

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