Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Old Comes Down

When we finally got the OK from the contractor, we began to demolish the two small bedrooms that were above the basement section of the house. Grandmommy would do what she could removing trim boards when Poppy was away at work and together we would tackle the paneling and demo of the ceilings. After a few days the two small rooms became one bare cavern, ready for the walls and roof to come down.But, before we could expose the basement to the elements, the breaker box, water heater and well pump had to be relocated. We removed the stairway that had led to the bedrooms. This location soon became home to the water heater and well pump.

Then the contractor and his crew arrived to help Poppy "take down those walls!" First came the roof, which we left to the professionals.

Next came the walls and we quickly had just a mass of rubble on the groud around what used to be the north end of the house.

When that weekend arrived, we worked together to clear out the mess and fill the dumpster. A large bonfire ate up most of the wood and Grandmommy saw to keeping the "home fires" burning.

The following Monday they returned to finish off the demo job. The flooring came off leaving just the basement foundation. It was getting quite cold too, so the fire to burn up the wood was a welcome place to stand to warm your hands and feet.

By this time it was December 2.

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