Wednesday, January 21, 2009

June thru October 2006 - The Work Continues!

Back to the progress that led to where we are today. 2006 was one of the busiest in transforming Loon Lake Lodge. June found us busy inside and out! We worked hard to frame out the skylight shafts to be ready for drywall. Poppy also worked long hours on wiring all the new lights. It took quite a bit of thougth and planning to figure out just where we wanted to position the can lights. We even moved some of them several times until we were sure they were perfectly placed.

Outside Poppy put many hours into improving the lawn and landscaping. But most importantly, he was busy building the new front porch deck. This has become the place we spend most of our time and we love it. Built to last, from the foundation up, it was a long labor of love!

One other important aspect of 2006 was to introduce Elizabeth to the lake! She loved it!!

When summer started to wind down, we were back inside removing the oldest of the bathrooms. This was a long, dirty day. Poppy spent time under the crawl space unhooking plumbing and the old tub was still stuck somehow. It took a chain hoist to eventually lift it off the floor and loose from its drain. Luckily there were neighbors around who helped carry it out of the house, but it took six of them! A few days later we learned we could break the tub up with a sledge hammer and all the pent up aggrevation the whole project created.

As summer wound down, Poppy got the can lights wired on the porch, as well as two ceiling fans, which were hung the next spring. Finally in October we were busy insulating in preparation for the coming winter. So much had been accomplished since we bought the house. But, we knew there was still so very, very much yet to accomplish to have it as we dream about. Not shown in any of these photos is the pile of drywall that was purchased in August in hopes of having that ceiling all complete before winter. Little did we know it would not be hung until the summer of 2008! How many times did we move that large, heavy pile of drywall in three years? Don't ask Grandmommy!! But, we will tell you, all this work has been well worth it!

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  1. Great job Claire I will certainly enjoy the re-modeling along with you guys without the sweat !