Sunday, January 18, 2009

Winter Fun

Today we experienced some more fun of year round lake living. A frozen lake doesn't stop this group of neighbors from having a great time together. The snow is cleared off and a skating rink is created, as well as a curling court. This was our first attempt at curling. Homemade curling irons were created last winter and all the finesse of professional players can be found at Loon Lake on a sunny weekend. The temps were in the high teens with a bit of a breeze, but what better way to keep the beverages cold, eh? Bundled up against the cold it is hard to recognize folks we are used to seeing in bathing suits and flip flops. Lawn chairs come in handy for the cheering section!

Form is everything when throwing your curling iron and it's to your advantage if your partner is quick with the sweeping on the opposite end to slow your iron down or to clear the ice for more speed and distance. Here is Poppy imitating Hans Brinker, taken a week or so ago as he tested the ice.

So as you can see, although we always have plenty of work to accomplish with our remodeling, we must also live by the adage we found hanging aroud the neck of a wine bottle the first summer we enjoyed the lake...."All play and no work? Sounds like a plan!" Sometimes you just gotta take a break and have some fun. And with friends like we have here, it's just a phone call away! This same group gathers almost every Friday night at someone's home to play euchre and graze at the food brought in. Life is Good!

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  1. is good! wish we could have been there...the girls would be enthralled by the amount of snow! maybe next winter!