Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Well, here goes! I have been wanting to establish a blog to share all the excitement here at Loon Lake Lodge. Guess there is no time like the present. I will have to take you back a few years over the next few posts to catch you up to the current happenings here at Loon Lake Lodge. I pray all of you enjoy keeping up to date on what we are doing. Things can change pretty quickly here, and have changed quite a bit since we bought our little piece of paradise in the spring of 2004. At the current time, we have a third of our original house gone and are awaiting the framing of the new addition. We hope many of you can come enjoy the finished result sometime soon, preferably this spring or summer when life at the lake is a bit more tolerable. Temps are to drop to single digits this week and we are blanketed with several inches of snow with winds kicking up to drift it around our construction equipment and newly poured foundations. Although we love it here, winter is not the most fun living on a lake with slick county roads keeping us from the amenities of town. But, the rest of the year make up for all the winter difficulties. Plus, snow across the frozen lake is a beautiful sight when you are snuggled up warm inside.

Again, welcome and stop back often as we share the Evolution of Loon Lake Lodge.

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  1. you did it...HOORAY! can't wait to keep up....

    amanda :)