Saturday, January 17, 2009

Summer 2005

Loon Lake Lodge had gone through many changes before we became its owners. We have learned that the original "cabin" was the single story structure which comprises the middle section of the house. In fact, what is here now was built around the original cabin and then the cabin was torn down from within. Then, years later they dug the basement and built the north end of the house, which had two small bedrooms above the basement. We are pretty sure at this point they also may have added indoor plumbing and a larger kitchen. In fact, the basement contained a summer kitchen with counter space, cabinets, a range and a VERY old International Harvester refrigerator. Ask my brother just how heavy that fridge was! To Poppy's delight, the fridge held cold beer, but it was over a year old. Then, in the 90's they had built the two story addition on the south end of the house, which has a large family room and full bath on main floor and a large bedroom, closet and full bath upstairs. This upstairs bedroom has been our "tree house" as it looks out among the tree tops and we feel like part of nature as we awake to the songs of the birds on a sunny day. The inside looked a bit different before we began our renovations. This is the area that has been undergoing the most drastic changes since fall 2005. These are "before" photos with paneling and walls that are being removed.

Before major renovations began, we had plenty of time for enjoying the lake! We celebrated our daughter and son-in-law's December wedding here at the lake with a reception for family and friends. We enjoyed our pontoon boat and fishing and we entertained a group in August before we closed things up for the season.

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