Thursday, January 15, 2009

How the Changes Began

On a freakish Sunday afternoon, which lake folks refer to as the day of the "Loonami," sheer winds split the large elm tree in the front yard and dropped the top down on our roof. As you can see, it pretty much covered the entire house. Fortunately, it did not penetrate the roof at all. So, no water damage inside, just a mess outside. We knew we needed a new roof, but what a way to get one!

It extended over the entire house and drapped over the back and side of the second story roof as well. It was quite a sight to those driving by from the road side and those boating by on the lake. Even years later, folks say to us, "Oh, you were the place where the big tree fell."
The worst aspect of this dilema, we were scheduled to hold a big party as a belated wedding reception for our oldest daughter the very next Sunday. (Yes, our daughters both were married the year we bought the lake home, one in June and the other in December. It was a very big year for us!) The insurance inspector was called in and everything happened very quickly. By the following weekend all that was left of that tree was a huge stump, the only evidence of the elm that had covered the house the week before. The party went off perfectly and we loved sharing our new lake home with family and friends.
When this event prompted a new roof, we started thinking of what the future held for Loon Lake Lodge. An architect was called in and we began to dream. As you return daily to enjoy our blog, you will see what changes have been made and what is still in progress. Through all the saw dust, drywall mess, living among boxes and piles, tools everywhere and so many, many decisions; we are enjoying ever aspect of transforming Loon Lake Lodge into a place our family can make memories for years and years to come.

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