Monday, September 13, 2010

Where Should I Begin???

Whew, it is hard to believe I have not added new photos or news since right before Memorial Day. Now the days are getting shorter and summer is about over. Guess I better take some time (lots of it!) and catch you up with what has been happening around Loon Lake Lodge over the past three months! The next few nights I will be working to catch up.
I must go back to right after my last post. We had gotten the carpet down and the upstairs was basically ready for occupancy for the Memorial Day weekend. So, they arrived! Everyone was thrilled with their newly finished rooms. Here is a shot of the girls new room and Kate was thrilled to have a "big girl" bed just like Sissy's at the lake!

The weather was beautiful for swimming and of course Amanda was so anxious to "coax" her girls into being water lovers just like she was as a girl. They were not near as excited as she wanted them to be, but here Libbers was about as brave as she ever got all summer.

Kate was more occupied with all the toys to play with in the water and spent most of her time on dry land "squirting" everything in sight. Even GG at one point, which really surprised GG! These toys somehow got tagged by Kate as the "users" so now all water toys are "users." She would see a shovel floating out away from the sand and yell, "get that user!" Poppy even bought a special big tote to store the "users" in! I guess you "use" them to play, hence the "users!"

Of course, this was only Jillian's 2nd visit to the lake, so it was fun to see her explore and see what kind of trouble she could get into crawling all over the deck. She is such a happy-go-lucky girl and always smiling!
She was so near walking, we thought for sure she would take off anytime.

On June 1st, Poppy's birthday, Shell & Richard arrived in the evening. It was wonderful having them come from NC, as Richard had not been to the lake since 2008! He was amazed at all the changes and pitched right in with offers to help Poppy. Of course, we wanted this to be a relaxing vacation for them, as Richard had been busy for the past two years going to school for his master's degree. So, we did not make them work. We PLAYED! The kids gave Poppy a beer brewing kit, so for about one whole day they worked to "brew" his first batch. Poppy also received a Ladder Ball game for his birthday, so we had several fun games to test our skills.

Nice form Michelle!

Amanda and their crew had returned for the next weekend so the whole family could be together. It was fun and we were so happy to have plenty of space for everyone! GG was here one day and for supper we had to set up the card table and all gather around.

Saturday was the Kid's Fishing Derby and everyone "helped" Elizabeth and Kate "catch" fish. Of course, they were scared of them once they were hooked and wiggling all over.

Unfortunately, the rain began just as we returned to have the fish weighed and collect prizes and hotdogs. But, a little rain didn't dampen our spirits too much.

The rest of June was rather uneventful as we enjoyed beautiful summer weather and continued to work on all the remodeling. After several weeks the "home brew" was ready to sample. Here Poppy sits back to relax with a taste of his own refreshing wheat beer. He was quite proud!
Now tomorrow night I will try to summarize July!

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