Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Day We Have Been Anticipating!

I can't tell you how proud I am of all the hard work Poppy has put in to this project. I know I have helped, and many times my help was essential, but all-in-all, he was the one who has accomplished all that we have done in the past year. A year ago he was just finishing up all the electrical wiring. On Memorial Day we began insulating. Now, here we are the week before Memorial Day and we are ready to set the beds back up and have FINISHED space!! The last room to finish was this one, the room for our darling little grand daughters. I say this, as their twin beds will occupy this space with new bright comforters and eventually bright wall art and window treatments. Here Poppy was finalizing the trim work in the closet. But, this is more than a normal closet. It will have sliding doors to hide the contents, but inside you can go back in this nice big storage area too. It has been stuffed with the beds and boxes all winter. After Christmas we took all the beds down and stored them away for the drywall finishing. Now this evening we began to pull them back out of storage. Hopefully by Friday evening they will all be made up and ready for the family to arrive for the holiday weekend!

We especially loved the color we chose for the girls' room once we had it on the walls. It is called Tropical Mist and just looks "yummy" with a bit of almost a florescent glow.

The really exciting part of today was the arrival of the carpet for upstairs! We are thrilled with our choice and love the coordination with wall colors.

Here is the carpet going up the stairwell, although it may not look that much different than the OSB and bare wood steps. It now is so soft and nice to walk on

Here is the hallway looking down into the back bedroom, where the girls' Mommy, Daddy and baby Jillian will sleep.

We were really happy when we were in Menards last weekend and found the perfect ceiling fans and lights. We had purchased two at Lowes, but they ended up being way too big and hanging down too low. So, they went back and we lucked into a great bargain on these. They are perfect and have completed the whole package. Now tomorrow we will be setting up beds and getting them made up. Over the coming weeks we will have the new space full. This is just what we designed the upstairs for, specifically for sharing our Loon Lake Lodge, our very own paradise.

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