Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Birthday USA!! 2010!!

The month of July started out with a very special day. We had a house full of family. Not only GG was here and Amanda's crew, but also Great Grandma Jordan! They sure enjoyed watching the great grand girls giggle and play. We even got them both on the pontoon for a beautiful afternoon cruise. How special for Libbers to share a seat with not just one, but both of her great grandmothers.

On Saturday it was pretty hot weather, so there was a lot of swimming going on. Poppy quickly realized the Toy Story float ring did not work too well for him. But, isn't he cute trying to tease the girls into swimming with him?

Cousin Matt came for a visit and he charmed Elizabeth out to deep water to float with him. He has always been a lady's man!

Uncle Bubby stopped by too and had some fun swinging Elizabeth and Kate. They thought he was pretty fun!

He was really taken by all of Jillian's smiles and laughs. She charmed him big time!

All the fun on Saturday, the 3rd had started with Amanda running in the 5.5K around the lake. We were very proud of her! Then, we all boarded the pontoon for the annual boat-in pancake breakfast. Jillian thought it was really fun eating her breakfast on the boat!

The afternoon included lots more water fun, including the slip and slide. Although they didn't do much sliding, they sure enjoyed sitting in the water and laughing their heads off.

This year Kate got to stay up for the fireworks for the first time. Here she is gobbling down her supper, her favorite - HOTDOGS! She knew how special the night would be, so hurry up dark!! They even got a jar from Grandmommy and caught fireflies. Of course, once caught, they were afraid of them!

There was a bonfire and 'somores before it got totally dark and the fireworks started. Such a wonderful day with two very tired little girls when it all ended.

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