Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wonderful Progress!

WOW! We have made some very important progress in the past couple days. This photo was taken on Friday, you can see how well the grass has come in out front. As of this afternoon, it has been mowed for the first time! That is progress after we endured all that dirt and mud all winter. We couldn't wait to have a nice green lawn again.

On Friday Poppy was busy with the plumber as they moved the water heater, water softener and well tank from their temporary spots to their permanent location in the new garage.
Here you see Chris working on connecting pipes and Poppy was busy hooking up the electrical connections for it all.

Here is the finished look. This wall of the garage was drywalled last weekend, but we still need to prime and paint it. There will be one more water heater eventually, as part of our new geo-thermal system, they have an extra water heater which basically stores hot water and makes the air conditioning system even more efficient. We will use very little electricity to heat water in the summer with this feature. Poppy's plans are to build this area into a closet sort of enclosure to reduce dust and dirt in these systems.
Yesterday we went and bought all the insulation for this project. So, when we got home we set to work. The pressure is on to have the two upstairs bedrooms and bath ready for occupancy this weekend! It will be pretty rough conditions, but they should have drywall and maybe doors, but not a whole lot more. But we would do anything to be able to have the family come, especially the two grand daughters!
Here I am, excited to finally be able to help a lot. I cut rolls of R19 into appropriate lengths for each exterior wall cavity. I was proud, I usually do not like razor knives, but I got very good at it.

Poppy was thankful for the help, as we made a pretty good team. He worked the ceiling cavities and I handled the walls. The back bedroom is about all insulated and the walls of the front bedroom and bath are all done. Hopefully tomorrow he can finish the ceiling so we can start drywalling!

Here you can see my work table and the work in progress. I hung about all the white insulation...

and Poppy did all the pink and the kraft faced on the ceiling. You can see, this room is about ready to drywall! Think we can have it ready for you to sleep in Friday night Amanda? This is your room!

One of the most important accomplishments this weekend was getting the washer and dryer up and running! It was in December when I last did laundry here at home. These beauties have been in storage since then. Today we got them set up and I have done two loads of laundry. What a joy! Of course, the condition of my utility room is rather rough, no drywall or flooring, and storage for the air compressor, but I sure don't care. The door between the utility room and garage isn't even installed yet, but no big deal to me! We will have to unhook them and move them again to put down flooring, but I sure wasn't going to wait on that. I just wanted the convenience of laundry here again. So, as you can see, we will be very busy all week. Tonight when we quit insulating at 8:30, we took time to carry the new toilet up to the bathroom so Poppy can get it installed. Pray we can get done with what we must have done. Friday will be here before we know it. Night!

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  1. thanks for working so hard to make it possible for us to come stay with you...elizabeth is beside herself with excitement! its looking GREAT! the girls and i just finished taking a walk/bike ride/push down to see the duckies and around the cul-de-sac...and now libs and i will play a game while kate gets a head start on napping. love you!