Friday, May 15, 2009

A Busy Week

You may ask, "where have you been lately?" Can't believe it was over a week ago that I published the last post. But, the last two weeks have been very, very busy both here and at work. Grandmommy was able to pick up extra shifts and Poppy was meeting himself coming and going juggling his part time jobs. There was progress here at Loon Lake Lodge, but not near as much as we had hoped to accomplish. Between all the working, we were exhausted when we did have a few minutes here to think about tackling the wiring and work. Since Grandmommy works mostly nights, she spent way too much time sleeping the days away to catch up. But, as we close out yet another week, we do see good solid progress towards having the new space ready for summertime guests.

This was last Saturday as Poppy worked to wire lights and plugs in the upstairs bedrooms. When Grandmommy finally woke up she was able to help too, so it was fun to work together. The bathroom is about all wired and the back bedroom plugs are about done. Lights have been located in the hallway and fan/light boxes have been centered in each bedroom. Now we can wire those and continue to run wires in the other bedroom and hallway.

Here is proof that wires are ready to be connected and usable.

On Tuesday they came and hauled out the big dumpster we were so tired of looking at. Now all that remains is the work to fix the drive and yard from its mess. If you look back across the road you can see our lilac bush in full bloom and boy does that smell wonderful. Poppy brought some in for Mother's day, but they don't last long once they're cut. If you double click on this photo and enlarge it, you can see all our maple tree seeds that came down in the high winds the other night. Every spring we battle these little "whirly copters" that carry the silver maple seeds to the ground. They implant themselves all over the lawn and we always have a hardy crop of maple seedlings EVERYWHERE! If you want a silver maple tree, come visit us and you can dig up tiny saplings we will gladly give away!

The past two solid days have found us busy replacing the old breaker box with a new one providing more space for additional circuits. This ended up being a much more time consuming job than first anticipated. Luckily Poppy had two full days with no daytime work and was able to work non-stop. And work non-stop he did! Yesterday morning he turned off the main power supply and unhooked all the lines and there were wires sticking out all over this corner of the utility room. I should have taken a photo of it yesterday for the "before" and "after" look. This shows what it looks like tonight, all wires tucked in and connected properly. There are just three circuits yet to attach, as Poppy needed to get more of the new tandem breakers this box will accommodate. With this new, bigger capacity we can now start running the new circuits from the new rooms down to hook into power.

Here is the front view of the breaker box as seen in the garage. He is very proud of the neatness of his wiring and just the fact that it is finally done. Those huge cables coming up from the main feed are very difficult to work with and are at least as big as a man's thumb in diameter and very stiff. Cutting them, stripping them and connecting in took a lot of work by Poppy and the neighbor guy. Hope he never has to undo that again. The wires sticking up from the bottom and not hooked in are the wires we ran from underground to hook the back garage circuits up eventually. I know how thankful Poppy is to have this job done! Now we can really move forward!

The past week and a half have been pretty good growing conditions here at Loon Lake. We could have used a bit more sunshine, but as you can see, we have a nice crop of grass emerging from the straw. We are very excited to see this, as a summer of mud was not our desire.

The front yard is looking the best, but we are sure the back will catch up with a few more days of sunshine and warmer temps. We have had plenty of rain and are looking for more tonight. I am hoping we can get out and buy some flowers this weekend to plant and brighten up the front deck.
We look forward to three more full days of working together and hope that next week as soon as possible we can get the county inspector out to give us the "A-OK" on our electrical work. Then we can move on with insulation and drywall! Hopefully it won't be another week and a half before I have more good progress to report. Have a wonderful weekend where ever you are and know we hope to have you here to share our new space sometime very soon!

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