Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Busy Outdoors!

We have been blessed with some wonderful weather for the past week or so. The dirt all around the new addition finally dried out and we could work on the lawn. First we had to get the wire for the back garage across the road through the pipe that was drilled under the road. This took Grandmommy's helping Poppy to first pull through fishing line, then string, then finally the wire. To get the fishing line through initially, we tied on a plastic grocery bag and sucked it through with the shop vac. Worked great and from there it was just a lot of pulling to get the string, then wire through.

The next day we took the wire through conduit and buried it on up to the foundation and through the wall to complete the process.
Here you see the little stretch of conduit coming up from underground (right next to the dryer vent). It was a time consuming task! This is outside the back service door to the new garage. Now Poppy must attach that wire under the crawl space and to the breaker box to renew power to the garage across the road. But, getting this all buried outside enabled us to complete the grading and seeding of the lawn.

Yesterday we completed the raking and prep work, then Poppy spread the starter fertilizer and the seed. We also spread two yards of mulch around various spots along the foundation in preparation for trees, shrubs and plantings. Here you see Poppy shaking out the fourth bale of straw to protect the seed.

Here is yet another shot as he spread the straw in the front corner of the lawn.

It will be so nice to have grass back out front and we are anxious to get a few plantings in as soon as we decide what trees and shrubs to plant. Although fall is the best time to plant them, so we may just wait.
This evening I caught this shot of the finished lawn all ready to grow. When I left for work this noon, Poppy was just starting to spread the five bales of straw he bought today. How did we ever think four would cover the whole area?? He has the pump working to pull water from the lake to keep it damp and we are hoping Mother Nature does not send us heavy storms, but only steady, mild rains and lots of sunshine too. You can see in these photos how trees are leafing out and the grass is really greening up. Spring has definitely sprung at Loon Lake!
Now he can move back inside and complete the wiring he has partially done. Next big project is moving the water heater, well pump and softener into their permanent places in the new garage. Then he can hook up my washer and I will be one VERY happy Grandmommy!

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