Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Sad Day Here at Loon Lake

Sorry I have been absent from blog land, but things have been pretty busy around here. Today we had a sad day, as we spent the morning at the vet with our cat, Cassidy. She had quit eating about a week ago and we thought it was the loose tooth she has had. They were at the vet for yearly check-ups just 6 weeks ago with no problems noted except this tooth. After watching her lose weight and become quite weak, we talked to the vet yesterday. He suggested we bring her back in for some blood work and hopefully they could discover the cause of her problems. It did not take him long to find a large mass that had apparently grown very quickly in the last few weeks and appeared to have attached itself to her ribs or spine. After a needle biopsy of the mass, he came back with bad news. Things did not look promising for Cassidy and we were faced with the tough decision to relief her pain and let her go peacefully. About ten years ago we had to do this with the family dog, Puddles, who was 17 years old. Cass was 12 and had really wormed her way into our lives and love. We were two blubbering fools as we held her and said our "good-byes." We stayed with her with gentle words and comforting contact as the injection was administered by the very caring vet. We brought here home and she is now laid to rest out back under the branches of the apple tree. We feel sure tonight she is painfree and romping around a meadow chasing after butterflies as youthful as a little kitten. Here you see our faithful Cassidy.

In this photo, taken about three years ago, she was watching baby Elizabeth as she laid on the floor playing.
Here she is on a Christmas morning a few years back when we bought she and Sammy beds we found at Sam's Club. Cass loved her bed and was there more than not.
Lastly, here she is in her favorite spot. This was a rare photo op, as Sammy seldom joined Cassidy on the hope chest basking in the sun. I know that for the coming weeks, when I go up to the bedroom and see the hope chest, it will remind me of her absence. I have put the cat bed away, as I know it will only bring tears for the coming days. She will be greatly missed around here. A stray that was rescued by Shell and then left with us when she went to NC to college, Cassidy quickly became my baby. We now will doubly enjoy Sammy and her antics as she becomes our only pet. I imagine she will miss her "sister" too and we plan on giving Sam a little extra love and attention now.
In other news here, today we got the "OK" from the county building inspector on the rough plumbing and wiring. This means we can now start insulation and drywall. Our goal is to have the upstairs bedrooms "enclosed" by next weekend so family can come to see us, especially the grand daughters. Wish us luck as we are busy little beavers getting it all done.
Tomorrow Poppy and the young fellow who did the plumbing in the new addition are going to be relocating the water heater, well stuff and water softener to their new home in the garage. This will entail a lot of work, but when they are done the new bathrooms will have water and that will be done. This is a major step towards having company, especially the pregnant daughter who will sleep in one of those new upstairs bedrooms! A toilet near is definitely necessary at 6 months with child.
Lastly, we are thrilled that our grass is coming in quite well. It will be time to run the mower over most of it soon. The weather has been very cooperative for growing these past weeks.

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