Thursday, June 4, 2009

Huge Progress When Under Pressure!

WOW! The past few days have been non-stop work all day. But, look at the progress we have made! This is the back bedroom, where our daughter and son-in-law will sleep tomorrow night! It will still be a bit like camping out, as the ceiling is not drywalled yet and they will have a blanket hung as a door, but otherwise we have made great progress with drywalling. The ceilings must wait for drywall jacks and some men to help, as the 12' drywall sheets are just too heavy for Grandmommy to help much. Plus, until we cleared out the piles of drywall in the middle of the rooms, we could not get a drywall jack set up in here. So, this was done a bit unconventionally, but done none the less.

Here you see the hallway, which was taken mid-afternoon. At this point, at 8:30 pm, the entire hallway is drywalled on the left hand side. That closed in the bedroom for the little girls who will sleep there tomorrow night! We have one and a half wall to cover yet between the front bedroom and the bathroom, then that will also be all enclosed. Hope they like their new room at Grandmommy and Poppy's Loon Lake Lodge. They were the reason for all this extra space we built upstairs!

Check out this wonderful shot of Poppy installing the toilet in the upstairs bathroom. It is quite unusual to catch a plumber squatting over like this without seeing the proverbial "plumber's crack!" This portion of the bathroom is also partially "private" with drywall half way up the walls. This will be the only functioning facility in the new bathroom, as sink and tub are not plumbed yet. They will use the old shower and sink in the existing part of the house like they always have. But, with our daughter being 6 months with-child for our 3rd grandbaby, she MUST have a toilet upstairs and close for all those night time potty calls.

You would not be able to take the photo from this angle at this point, as we have drywall along this wall to close off the bath from the stairwell. Tomorrow morning we will hang just a couple more pieces of drywall, then Poppy will tuck all electrical wiring into their boxes so I can put cover plates on and safety plug covers. Then, when the kids arrive tomorrow afternoon, Mike can help Poppy take beds up to set up, a queen, a twin and the crib. Then, Amanda and I can make up the beds and hang some sheets at the windows and doors to complete the look. Hope they all sleep well at the lake this weekend! We can't wait to have them here!

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