Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Has Sprung!!

Here at Loon Lake, we have taken back the lake! A week ago our neighborhood gang of friends got together early morning for the annual PPP....Pier Puttin' in Party! After a filling carry-in breakfast, many pulled on their waders and set to work putting in piers and boat lifts. Helping some of the single and widow gals, as well as elderly, this is a fun day of "many hands make light work." A total of seven piers and three boat lifts were done by noon. The morning was kicked off with a "toast" with coffee mugs to Mother Nature, "We are taking back our lake!" Here you see that we are ready for summer fun. By the time the PPP had concluded and everyone returned to their own home, our neighbor and Poppy got busy pulling our boats from his storage barn and launching each as quickly as possible. We have had a couple pontoon cruises around the lake and it feels awfully good again!

In other progress, this week the contractor finished up his share of the project. Yesterday they finished siding the north end and loaded all their tools and ladders up for the final time. They got the gutters run another morning and Poppy has been busy dragging the dirt to try to prepare for planting a new lawn where it has all been torn up. He has a bit more hand raking and final grading before planting seed, but he is quite close. We are really looking forward to getting some landscaping in, as we love plantings and adding interest with color and the height trees and shrubs can provide.
With the boxes of siding used and out of the garage, things are pushed to one side and you can see he quickly pulled his lawn tractor in to his new garage. The car won't fit yet because of a big pile of drywall waiting to be installed.

Last Sunday we tore out where the opening was boarded up at demolition and put a temporary door from the kitchen into the new utility room. We can now access the new section without going outside and around. Using the old back door which is insulated, we are very happy for this added ease. Poppy has been busy getting the utility room wired and ready for use. You can see here, today he got the lighting finalized and we now can hit a switch and have light! Great job Poppy!
He has the power all wired for the dryer (220) and the washer, as well as plugs. Tomorrow he plans on getting the dryer vent finalized, then we will be just one major step away from having access for my washer and dryer again. The major step is relocating the water heater, well pump and water softener to their permanent locations in the garage. The plumbing is all ready for that, just need the muscle to move it and know-how to hook it all up. We will go ahead and set up the washer and dryer before we even insulate, drywall, or get flooring down, as we can move around them to do that. Getting back to doing laundry at home is paramount in Grandmommy's plan!

Here are few shots of the final outcome of our addition as boaters see it from the lake. We are very pleased and also eager to finish up with siding the old part so it is all the same color and the exterior is done.
However, we are very patient and this will all come together in due time. We got GG (Grandmommy's Mom) back from Florida this week so she is near and was so pleased to see our project in person. Although changes might not seem as huge and apparent, I will continue to follow our progress here in blog land as Loon Lake Lodge continues to evolve. Keep stopping back for glimpses into our spring and summer fun and work. We hope all of you will come visit real soon. In fact, hopefully in another month or so we will have rooms for you to stay in!

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