Thursday, March 5, 2009

March Progress

This week March arrived a bit like a lion with very cold temps and wind. At least we did not have any more snow. The contractor and his crew were able to work most of the week and are really buttoning up our new addition. Today the house wrap went on despite some stiff winds. You can also see in this view that the old and new have smoothly been attached at the roof line. They still need to work on transition from old to new on the front where the porch overhang will be modified to give a clear look out the window from the bedroom.
We were glad to see the clouds clear this afternoon and the sun break out, bringing temps up into the low 60's. It was fun to see the ice breaking up and winds from the south pushing ice flows down the lake. There is now flowing water from the shore out to about the length of the pier.

Here you see how the front elevation will look from the pontoons as they cruise past. We are throwing around many ideas on how to break the height of the new front with various siding and color options.

Poppy was even part of the crew today, as he helped wrap the windows. He loves having his part in the building. He had to go drive a school bus, and when he came home they had started installing windows!

They have the window in the master bath and north side of the bedroom, as well as the garage and these in the front of bedroom.

Although a bit dark, here is the view we will have from the bedroom to enjoy the lake, the sunrises and the big full moons as they come up over the opposite shore.

I imagine tomorrow they will get the rest of the windows in and finish off the house wrap. Maybe it won't be quite so windy! But, it IS March!

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