Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Week Closer to Finished

Although we have MANY, MANY weeks before this is all really finished and complete, the outside is coming closer and closer to being done. This past week we saw great progress. The weather really cooperated, although today it was quite windy, which was not appreciated as they hung siding. Here is the photo journal of progress this week.

A week ago today found Poppy doing some of the extras he wanted done. He sealed all the windows with a special tape.
Finally, the guys got the last two windows installed. How they carried this one up the ladder I will never understand. Of course, I do not climb ladders above about three steps, and then I don't even like to do that!

As the contractor worked, the heating and AC fellows were also busy installing duct work and preparing for our new system. They even delivered the new geo-thermal furnace, which will be installed eventually.

They got around to altering the porch overhang out front, as it was hanging over the bedroom window. Now it gives us an even clearer view from inside and looks very nice.

Just an extra stuck in here. Grandmommy celebrated a birthday this past weekend, and received these beautiful flowers from Shell and Richard. What a treat!! They are so springy!

Today it was wonderful to finally see the siding begin. They have worked for two days as they worked on brick mold around garage doors and trimming out the overhangs. Notice the service doors have been installed in the garage. We took forever to decide on a siding color and are very, very happy with our chosen shade.

We especially like the wide white trim around the windows and at corners. The color is a greenish gray, or you might call it a grayish green. The manufacturer's name is Quiet Willow. Things are REALLY taking shape! Hopefully the wind will calm down and we don't get too much rain so they can continue getting the siding up.

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