Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our First House Guest!

This week has brought some unusual things around Loon Lake Lodge. Torrential rains, very high winds and our first house guest. The other day Poppy thought we had a bird in the new addition and low and behold he was right! Yesterday the contractor found this beautiful fellow perched where he could watch their every move. I even thought I heard him hoot a bit. I checked in our bird identification book and believe this is a screech owl. This photo does not really do him justice, as the markings were just gorgeous. The way I figured, we surely would not have any problems with mice with this guy hanging around. However, today he was gone, or maybe well concealed in another corner. We found no signs of him anywhere. If you double click on the photos, they should enlarge to full screen and you can see this little guy a bit closer.

This past weekend we had over three inches of rain, as well as winds as high as 40 mph. Last night it poured more and the lake is up at least 12". Here you can see our shoreline encroaching on the lawn. The rocks that form the seawall are totally under water. Hopefully it will recede soon and things begin to dry out.

Today they worked to remove the old wall under the porch where the new will meet up with the existing structure. To do this, they had to tear out a bunch of the old and then reframe the wall. Tomorrow Poppy can keep a nice bonfire burning to warm them as they work, this old dry wood puts out great heat!
Here is the view from inside the bedroom once it was all opened up. The opening to the right is the doorway into the bedroom.

Lastly the OSB went on and now it is all ready for the siding next week! Eventually the small window that used to be in the bathroom and is now in the closet, will be replaced with one the size of those opposite the patio door.

Here is the view from inside. Tomorrow they will install the window to complete the bedroom. This will allow us a wonderful view down the length of the lake.
Poppy is busy preparing for all the work that lies ahead for him. Tomorrow dry wall will be delivered before the last window is installed upstairs in the back bedroom. They will "boom" the drywall in through that window and it will be ready to hang in the upstairs. They will also leave us a large pile in the master bedroom and that will really save us from hauling it inside later. He has also been working on finalizing the list of plumbing needs so he is ready to begin that job. For Poppy, the work is just beginning! Next week all the dirt should be leveled off and regraded, as well as siding should be here to hang. Big changes should be coming soon! Keep stopping by to see what's new!

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  1. so much progress! and while its nice that guy can keep away the mice i think i'll feel better if i know for sure he's gone before everything is over! :) can't wait to see it in person (still working on figuring out exactly when that will be!)...and wow...the lake is so high...crazy!