Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Under Roof!

This week has been very busy for our contractor! They put in two very long days to be prepared for today. The roofers were scheduled, so they were a bit behind the eight ball. On Monday it was quite chilly, but it did not keep them from stringing the rafters and roof trusses over the master bedroom section to the front of the addition. You can see the beautiful blue sky, and the sun was out, but it was definitely still winter!

I like this view Poppy caught, looking from the hallway upstairs out towards the lake. You would never have caught me out there high on the ladder 21' above the floor of the bedroom.

By late in the day, they were ready to begin covering this framing with sheathing.

You can tell by the long shadows the setting sun cast, they finished out a very long day by covering the dormer roofs and began cutting eve length and adding the facia boards.

Then fast forward about 24 hours. On Tuesday they got all that sheathing covering the roof, cut all the eve edges and added facia boards along the gutter lines. They worked right up until night-fall and lost their light to finish the last section.

But, not to worry, they were out there bright and early today, hammering away at 7 am! That was good, because by 8 the roofing crew arrived. After hauling out all their tools and air hoses, the crew of four were on the roof running around like a bunch of monkeys. It was amazing how fast they worked. Each guy had his responsibility and you could tell they were used to working together very efficiently as a team.

By about 8:30 the truck arrived to boom the pallets of shingles up to the roof. They were about ready to start laying shingles, as they already had all the drip edging on and the tar paper down on most of the surface.

By about 2:30 in the afternoon I looked out and they were packing up to leave. What an efficient crew, no time was wasted. We now have a roof over our heads!

The contractor and his assistant took today to do a few easy jobs. They had worked way too hard on Monday & Tuesday! So, when the roofers left, they did just a few things, including cutting out the window openings in preparation for window installation.

We will have a nice double casement window in our bedroom overlooking the deck and giving us a view down the length of the lake to the south. Eventually they will be redoing the deck overhang so it does not hang down in the way of this window. So many details!

Here I caught an action shot. If you look closely, you can see the contractor inside with the saw removing the rest of the OSB covering the window that will be above the whirlpool tub in the master bath. (If you double click on the photos, they should enlarge for better viewing. Then, click the "back" button to return to the blog.)
Here is a view of the north side of the addition. The window to the front is in the master bedroom and the skinny one up higher is the one above the tub. Then there is the service door to the garage further back.

We are very excited to see this all come together. They are calling for possible rain tomorrow, so they can work inside finishing up the framing and be able to stay dry under the finished roof. Next big events will be installing the windows, moving all the extra dirt around and excavating the lot, and finally siding. It won't be long now and it will be ready for Poppy to get to the inside work of wiring and plumbing! He sure will be keeping plenty busy!!

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