Friday, February 13, 2009

Movin' On UP!!

Well, things are really coming along this past week. Despite very heavy winds and a day of yucky rain, the sun has prevailed the beginning and end of the week and progress has been made. As I write this, the contractor and his assistant are packing up to call it a day. I will be anxious to go back outside to see what it looks like now, as I think they have installed many more rafters to form the roof line over the upstairs bedrooms. Here you see the stairway that was completed a week ago. This allowed them to get up to floor the 2nd story and begin framing.
This is what we had after Monday! This window will look out the north side of the house from the front bedroom. This is where the grand children will have their own space. The opening on the lower level will be a service door into the garage. Other lower level windows have not been cut out yet.

Today it really fell into shape as they began running rafters. This shows the road side above the garage where the window will give light and breeze to the back bedroom upstairs. The windows on the lower level to the road side are in the garage.

Here is another angle, looking at the dormers above the garage. The dormer to the left is part of the back bedroom for cross breeze on those warm summer nights and the dormer on the right is in the hallway across from the front bedroom door.

And, finally for all those interested in what Grandmommy has been up to all week, here is the beginning of a new sweater I started. This is the back section starting from the bottom up. My first experience with cables and I love it. A nice bulky yarn with size 11 needles, which will mean it will go quite fast. Now Shell needs to get busy making my big ceramic buttons in her pottery shop to adorn the front of this v-neck cardigan. Maybe once it is done I can post a photo of me modeling it! In the mean time, I will enjoy the end of these winter months knitting away as they hammer and saw outside.
Have a great weekend everybody! Happy Valentines Day!

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