Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fighting the Elements!

This past week has been rather frustrating for the contractor. They were able to work Monday and Tuesday, but Wednesday brought heavy rain and Thursday high winds and threatening snow off and on. Finally Friday they returned bright and early, but it was very cold. After putting in a full day, they had most of the roof sheeting over what they had framed up and the dormers were taking shape. They have yet to get rafters and framing above our bedroom section to the front, but that will happen this coming week.

The shed dormer off the north side will give the front upstairs bedroom lots of light and air with a double casement window.

Over the garage on the south side of the addition, dormers will add dimension and style to the roof line. I want Poppy to build window seats in these dormer nooks so one can snuggle up with a book and relax in the sunshine coming in the window.

They have sheeting over the dormers now too, but it has been too nasty of a weekend to get out and take photos of it for the blog. If I had a photo of today, you would see about an inch of snow laying on the roof!

The contractor hopes to have the roof ready for shingles by the end of this coming week so he can call in the roofing crew. That will really button it up weather tight and then they will get windows in for a sealed up structure. That will be an exciting time to look forward to! Keep watching here for further progress. Ya'll come back now, ya hear?

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