Thursday, June 18, 2009

Where Did the Last Two Weeks Go??

Sorry I have been so absent from Blog land! I can't believe it was already two weeks ago that we were anticipating the arrival of family to fill the two new bedrooms we had prepared. On Friday, June 5, the fifth anniversary for our younger daughter, she arrived with her hubby and the wonderful grand daughters. What fun to show them the new space we built just for them! Of course, it was very crude accommodations for this first visit, but they were just fine with it. That night they took off to celebrate their anniversary and left Elizabeth and Kate with us for the evening. What fun! The next morning was the annual kids' fishing derby here on Loon Lake. Poppy and their daddy took off to register them and came home sporting wonderful fisher-girl hats and containers of worms. To say the least, the interest on the part of the girls was a bit lame. However, Poppy and Mike had fun trying to catch fish out here from the pier.

But, later that afternoon, once Elizabeth had "won" her own special Barbie fishing pole, she was hard at work trying to catch some. Don't you just love the hat??

While big sis tried her hand at fishing, Mom and Katers enjoyed just sitting on the pontoon. Suppose the new babe still in womb will enjoy the lake like the big sisters do already? Baby #3 is due in three months! Of course, Kate had to "practice" her driving skills for when Poppy allowed her to drive on a cruise.

On Sunday Great Grandma Jordan was able to make a trip to the lake to see how the girls had grown. She was thrilled to get to know them better and enjoy our front deck and a burger cookout.

Kate, just two months short of her 2nd birthday loved the lake and being at Grandmommy and Poppy's. She really didn't remember it from last summer but this year will establish many, many traditions and memories. Here she enjoys Poppy's big recliner.
The past two weeks we have been busy with all the work to finish the new addition, but it all seems like such slow progress. We had water softener problems and got a new one, but we are still having problems. Hopefully this will be cleared up soon. We also had GG in the hospital for four days with a mild stroke, so that took up quite a bit of Grandmommy's time. Between working and caring for GG, it hasn't left much time to just relax, much less help Poppy with much. Hopefully we can get some good productive days and make stuff happen around here soon. At this rate, we may not have a whole lot more done before the fam returns for July 4th! Wish us luck!

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