Friday, June 19, 2009

Break On Through to the Other Side!

Just a snippet of why we love living here on Loon Lake. One morning this week Poppy caught this fellow visiting our pier as he watched for fish. The herons are often seen wading along the shoreline fishing and it is fun to watch their crazy actions.

OK, now in tribute to the Doors, today was the time to "Break On Through to the Other Side." We finally moved things out of the walk-in closet in order to break through the back wall into the new addition. This makes the new space more of a reality. Now we have a walk-through closet. We moved the filing cabinet and the hanging rod and shelf from the closet and tore down the back wall. After removing the studs we now have the hallway that will connect the lodge room with the new section. Here you see Poppy resting after all this work. He is sitting on the steps that lead up to the new bedrooms and bath upstairs. If you walk through this closet and turn to the right you would enter the new master bedroom. If you turned to the right, you would have the new half bath.

Here is the opposite view as I stood behind Poppy up on the stairwell landing halfway up. To the left at the bottom of the steps is the doorway into the master bedroom. To the right is just a tiny niche outside the half bath. Once we are complete, this closet will no longer exist, but this area will be a short hallway of sorts leading to this new area.

After a little rest, Poppy took my job and sucked up all the drywall dust and mess from breaking through the wall. Gotta love this guy!
The other accomplishment for today was removing the old window from inside the closet. This window used to be in the bathroom that occupied this space when we purchased the home. Now we will be able to side the front porch area so it matches the green of the new section. That will make us feel very good to complete this area where we spend so much time.

Next on our agenda of priorities is to decide on flooring for the utility room and upstairs bathroom. Then we can get the furnace set in the new utility room and install the door between the garage and utility room, as well as setting the sink and vanity upstairs and getting that bathroom more complete. Stay tuned for future progress!

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