Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What Have We Been Up To?

We have been suffering through one more tiny bout of winter-like weather the past several days. Why does it seem so very, very cold? If we had a day like today in mid-January, we would think it was a real reprieve. It's easy to get used to the warmer temps and sunshine. Sunday night we had heavy snow showers with a slight accumulation when we woke up on Monday morning. The wind has been nasty, but at least it helped to dry everything up, as the snow was preceded by heavy rain for one full day.

But, we continue to see progress on Loon Lake Lodge. The garage door was installed last Friday and we love what we chose. Now the contractor is just waiting on the weather to cooperate so the site can be graded and the driveway apron poured eventually.

We are also in a waiting game with the power company, who has been out to hear what we need, but is taking their sweet old time getting back. They need to relocate the electrical service to the back side of the garage so we can move the breaker box from its temporary location to the garage. The power company must relocate the electric meter and service from the temporary pole. Then once that is done, they can side the north side of the addition. Today they worked a bit on the trim along the eves, but the wind was very difficult to battle on their high ladders.

In the mean time, Poppy has been very busy inside. The plumber and he finished up all that installation yesterday. Here you see the mana block where all the pex water lines are attached. This is in the wall cavity between our master walk-in closet and the garage wall. From the garage side you see the lines plumbed out for connecting the water heater and water softener, which will sit in the garage when they are finally moved to their new locations.

Poppy found working with the pex system a great experience in contrast to copper pipes and all the sweating and soldering of connections. This is definitely the way to go.

This view is looking between the studs at the BACK side of the wall which will be behind our master bath vanity. You can see the drain piles (PVC) and the pex water lines for each of the two sinks. Red represents hot water lines and blue the cold. The white is just generic and can be either. The lines running upward supply the upstairs bathroom. Each sink, toilet and tub/shower is stubbed out with a copper connection ready for installation of each fixture. But that will all happen AFTER the drywall goes up.

Lastly, Poppy has begun to plan for all the electrical work. He has started placing electrical boxes for recepticals and we have hung several can lights. Here you see the can lights in the two bedroom closets upstairs. There is so much work to be done, but when we look back at the photos from four months ago, they were just pouring foundations. So, we have come a long way and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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