Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More Wonderful Progress

Before expounding on all the great progress this week, I must show you how the back of the house looks with the siding complete. Isn't it looking great?? We love the color and have had several compliments, which makes us feel wonderful. Now I know Poppy is just itching to landscape, as we are firm believers in "curb appeal" and how much value there is in a well landscaped home. But, that will be down the road a bit I am sure.

After today we have the front side almost totally sided also. By tomorrow this should be complete if the weather holds out. Our forecast is for rain off and on the next several days. Guess that is to be expected in April.

As the contractor and his assistant have been busy siding, Poppy and the plumber have been busy inside. We are probably half way complete with the plumbing of the new addition. All three toilets are ready to be set and here in the upstairs bathroom, the tub is all plumbed to drain. Next will come the water lines and installing the faucets and shower head.

I am excited, as we have made room in this upstairs bathroom to install my small washer I had in the basement while this was just our lake place. This will be reserved for all the felting I do with my knitting habit. What a guy Poppy was to agree to make room for this extra. My great Whirlpool Duet front loader washer and dryer will go in my main floor utility room off the kitchen, which I CAN'T WAIT to have back in use!

Seeing all the drain pipes and vent pipes installed made Poppy very happy, as he admitted it would have taken him three or four times longer to accomplish all this. The professionals make it all look so easy!

Today the phone company came and relocated the phone lines. Next the electric company will be out to relocate the power from the temporary power pole to the back side of the garage with the meter. Then our breaker box will be moved to its permanent spot in the garage. This must be done before they can finish up with siding all the way up on the long north side of the house. Again, hopefully the weather will provide windows of opportunity for all of these tasks.

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  1. it looks fabulous! can't wait to be up there enjoying it (and you guys too...of course!)