Sunday, October 3, 2010

More July Fun

On July 17 we attended our first mystery party. What a fantastic time. Despite the VERY hot temps, a great time was had by all in attendance. Carol & Faye really went the extra mile to make this a wonderful experience. Everyone attending was to decorate their pontoon as a section of the cruise ship might be decorated. We were the galley and we hung pots and pans from the top and had a small gas grill to fix Italian sausage for appetizers. There were a dozen boats in all, tied up side by side coming out from two piers. There was a spa, a coffee shop, a ball room, a cocktail lounge, a casino and much more. We have some very creative friends.

Here the "crew" and "passengers" of the Mystery of the Sea as we gathered for a group photo. The two creative ladies who put this all together are there on the first step, trying to play the part of Gillian and Mary Ann. Notice Officer R. (Rusty) Bullet kneeling in the front row. Poppy made an OUTSTANDING Port Authority and presided over the crime in a very professional manner. He took his important roll very seriously and played it to the hilt.

We mingle as everyone tries to learn as much as they can about those under suspicion and figure out who the murder was. For a little while I was afraid it was going to be me, but fortunately Officer Bullet figured out the true identity of the slime ball killer.

On a calm afternoon, Poppy tried out his skiing skills after a VERY long break from the sport he used to love every summer. It was like riding a bike, he popped right up out of the water and did a fine job. He actually went twice before summer's end and vows that he will go more often next summer and plans to ski yet when he is 60! I hope he can...he was always so great at it. Next year he wants to try dropping one ski to slalom again like in his younger days.

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  1. finally took a moment to peek through all of these...the siding looks fabulous! :) love you and miss you!