Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Busy Month of Progress with a CAPTIAL P

Progress...that is what we have made this past month or so!
Here is Poppy laying the Pergo flooring in the upstairs bathroom. There were a few issues to make it a challenge, but we were very pleased with the finished outcome. We also put the same floor in the half bath downstairs. It look great and we have those two rooms almost finished completely.

You can see here he has begun to trim out the baseboards and what a wonderful finished look it gives.

The vanity is all set and we are looking for the perfect mirror for above the sink. The area to the left of the vanity will hold my little top-load washer for felting all my wonderful knitted projects. To the right of the sink is a nice linen closet for some great storage space.

Poppy was relieved as all the electrical wiring is now proving accurate and working fine!

We even have the shower rod installed, making us that much closer to using this new room!

We took a break last weekend to go help out and babysit our three adorable grand daughters for Mike and Amanda. They had a weekend get-away and we stayed Friday and Saturday nights with the girls. Whew, that was exhausting!
Here Poppy models the neat beads Libbers strung for him to wear. How charming! At 4 and a half she is really growing up!

Here I am loving on all three of them! Kate loves her thumb and is fully entrenched in the "terrible 2's" giving us all a run for our money with patience. She is a loving, adorable little gal though and this too shall pass.

Little Jillian was where we saw the biggest growth. She is now 8 months old and can get anywhere she wants as quickly as ever. A happier baby I have never seen and she is the greatest little sleeper! Even plagued by serious teething and fever, she was a joy to be with. Can't wait to get them all up here to Loon Lake Lodge to stay in their newly finished rooms.

After a snafu with the paint tinting, we finally got our master bedroom painted completely. After doing two walls, Poppy went for a 3rd gallon of the "lunar eclipse" color we had chosen. The new gallon was not tinted at all the same and we had to end up repainting the entire room with the correct color. We love the finished color and he now has the windows trimmed out and I have done my simple little task of putting the cover plates on plugs and switches. Before we relinquished the borrowed scaffolding we got the new ceiling fan hung on Tues. evening. It IS coming together.

Today while I slept, Poppy worked on trimming out more windows and putting on baseboards. Then, after I woke up, we set the first door. It is exciting to know we will actually have bedrooms that can be closed off for privacy.
Above is from the hallway view.

Here you see the beautiful paint color and finished dormer window, as well as the newly hung door. YEAH! Progress with a CAPITAL P!!

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