Monday, March 15, 2010

A Night with a Legend

You may have read in last night's post that we were unable to see Willie Nelson when we were visiting our daughter because of the weather. Well, tonight we got the job done! Along with six other Loonies, we took off for the big city, a wonderful dinner and a night with a legend.

Here we are after a yummy dinner with lively conversation over food and drink with good friends. Carol, Marlene, Patty, Walt, Chris & Tim, as well as Poppy and myself.

Then it was on downtown to the historic theater to await the concert. As you can see, Carol and Mar were right in fashion with their hats and "Willie" outfits. Mar's kelly green hat actually had lights with the flip of a switch and fuzzy trim around the brim. We could not lose her in the crowd.

Hopefully you can appreciate some of the intricate design and detail in this beautiful historic theater venue. The stage sat awaiting the arrival of our anticipated star. No one could quite imagine the sound Willie could get from that worn out old guitar that stood waiting silently to be secured around his neck with his trusty red,white and blue macrame strap.

He came out in the black hat and started out a bit slow, but before long was in the typical rare Willie form, belting out song after song for a solid 90 minutes non-stop. Although photography was prohibited, Poppy got a few shots from our vantage point in the forth row of the front balcony, perfect seats right in the center of the theater.

He did eventually trade in the black hat for his trademark bandanna, three of which he took off and threw to the crowd in the front row. At the end of the concert he went along and shook hands the entire length of the stage with eager, appreciative fans.

We did notice he seems a bit heavier than in the past, but still able to wow the crowds only as Willie can. Here he is walking off the stage before the house lights came up. A legend in his own right for sure. We were just sorry Shell and Richard could not be here to enjoy it with us.

By the time we had exited the theater and were heading towards the parking garage, here came Willie's bus around the corner and down the street, all to the cheers of fans walking away quite satisfied.

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