Thursday, August 6, 2009

Where Have We Been??

You may wonder why no posts for quite some time! Well, for about two weeks we were without a computer. It crashed and we finally got the new one up and running today. Also, as I reported a month or so ago, our camera also died. Therefore, we have not been taking any photos, thus not the urge to post our progress on the blog. So sorry it has been a while.
We have been pretty busy although absent from blog land. Two weeks ago Poppy was able to get the furnace closet totally drywalled and finished, applying the primer paint the day before they came to install the new geothermal heating and AC system. They were here all last week, and now we have a totally new system to keep us snug and warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The old geo furnace was removed, giving us some new storage space, which is badly needed right now.
Yesterday we worked to get the half bath drywalled and today while Grandmommy slept all day (after working last night) he hung some sheets in the hallway where the new section transitions into the old section. Of course, most of the day he was working to get the new computer up and running. Hopefully tomorrow he can get even more drywall hung. He must also install the drain for the half bath sink, which we had the plumber leave undone because we were unsure on the type of sink or vanity we wanted in that room. Now we have the vanity and are ready to install the drain so we can get that new room up and functional. Things are moving along, yet seem to be moving slower than desired. With August here, we are shocked how quickly summer flew past. The weather has been so unseasonable that we keep waiting for "summer" to really happen.
Today was our darling grand daughter's 2nd birthday. Kate is a fireball and yesterday she gashed her head open on a door frame, requiring three stitches. I guess it did not slow her down too much. We look forward to seeing her, as well as sister Elizabeth on Saturday when we travel there for the big birthday party. GG will be going with us and it should be a fun day for everyone! I hope to be back soon with more progress and maybe some new photos to share.

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