Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Busy and Lonely Week for Grandmommy

Well, here it is, eleven days since my last post. Seems I have trouble finding enough news and progress to report lately. But, thought I better fill you all in on what is new with us.
Last week Poppy was gone on his wonderful Canadian fishing trip with his brothers, cousins and nephews. They had a great time and he brought home his limit on walleye and some pike, tucked away in the freezer for a yummy fish fry soon. While he was gone, Grandmommy kept busy here at home and with a few extra shifts at work. I spent extra time with GG to alleviate the boredom and loneliness. Last Sunday I spent a few hours putting insulation up in our new master bedroom, a task I told Poppy I would try to get to. I went through several rolls of insulation as I installed maybe a third of what was needed to insulate the walls. Today we finished that job, all walls are now insulated except the one wall where drywall is leaning up against it. We also got two thirds of the ceiling drywalled in the utility room, as well as the ceiling in the furnace closet. Tomorrow the heating and AC guys are coming and we look forward to getting the new geothermal furnace installed soon. Progress is being made, just seems a slow process. Sorry I do not have any photos to share tonight, guess the camera is on the fritz right now.
Yesterday we took a break to relax and have fun. They held the first annual Loon Lake Poker Rally. This was done with boats and you had to solve the clues to find which pier to tie up to where you would receive your next card. We joined up with some friends on their pontoon and six of us all tried to gather the cards for the best poker hand. Lots of fun, sun and friendship. Then, in the late afternoon there was a party to attend on the lake. There was wonderful food and corn hole games. Finally, last night we played euchre with our neighbors, where the guys ended up winners of the best of five games.
We are really enjoying this unseasonably mild summer weather. Temps and humidity are much lower than normal and nights are perfect for sleeping with windows cracked open a bit. Hard to believe July is 3/4 of the way over and August is close on the horizon. That means our third grand baby will be here sooner than later, due the first week in September. Everyone pray for Amanda as she endures these last weeks and pray for a healthy baby, maybe even a BOY this time. We will love whatever God has to share with us, but how much we would all LOVE a BOY to add to Libbers & Kate. We will just have to wait and see!

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