Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas at Loon Lake Lodge 2010

Christmas at Loon Lake Lodge was a grand weekend. Mother nature gave us a wonderful white Christmas without nasty roads and weather for traveling. Temps were mild enough on Friday to spend a lot of time outside enjoying the snow and ice. Poppy and Mike started with the sleds and the hill from the road to the side yard, which seemed HUGE to Elizabeth and Kate. You can see they were pretty excited.

The real fun began when Mama (AKA Amanda) who is 6 months prego with baby brother came out for some photos and to watch first hand why all the screeches and screams were coming from outside. Not to be outdone by Daddy Mike who made the slide, she grabbed the sled and took a run much to the delight of Libbers & Katers.

Friday night we picked up GG and all headed to the Christmas eve candle light service for some singing and worship. We came home to a delicious pot of creamy chicken & wild rice soup and biscuits. After donning their special new matching pj's, the girls were soon tucked in and fast asleep while visions of sugar plums danced in their heads. The adults quickly brought out all the packages and set them out around the tree and stuffed the socks to the brim.

Here are the girlies still dressed in their Christmas fancy after church and awaiting their special pj's.

Christmas morning arrived right on time (well, a bit too early for the adults) but we were all soon up and rearing to go. Here Jillian is the first to dig into her stocking for all the goodies Mommy & Daddy put inside.

Grandmommy had been a very busy knitter this fall and each girl received felted clog slippers and reversible stocking caps. Here Katers gives hugs & kisses for her new slippers.

Here Libbers & Katers both don their new warm stocking caps, which can reverse to a different color scheme and stripe.

Christmas afternoon brought more fun outside. The sun was out making it a wonderful day for the ice. Poppy had cleared off a large "rink" out front and we borrowed a tiny pair of double runner ice skates, which Elizabeth was very eager to try after watching Poppy skate. She was amazing on them and promises to be a pro in no time. On Sunday morning while discussing the skating at breakfast she said (quite seriously I must add), "I just have to keep trying until I am good at it."

She even wanted to try to pull Kate on the sled like Poppy & Daddy were able to do.

Here Kate gets her try with the skates on, but she wasn't so sure.

The most fun they had was twirling around and around at the end of the rope as Poppy or Daddy pulled and let them fly in circles on the ice. A few times they tumbled off, but always got right back on for more. Here Kate enjoys a ride with Daddy as the "tow boat"

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