Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Short Report

I want to try to do a better job of keeping things up to date on here, so wanted to report on the past few days. Last week after Shell headed back to NC, it seemed sort of lonely around here. Now here it is mid-September already! You can tell autumn is almost here, as leaves are starting to fall, many are turning on the edges of the branches and in the morning you should see the heat coming off the lake. As the nights cool off into the 40's and 50's, the mornings hold beautiful sunrises with the mist blowing over the lake as warmer water meets cool air. Right now I am looking out on a beautiful evening with the sinking sun shining on the opposite shore. It looks like it is raining on the lake but it is only tiny minnows jumping out of the water as they try to avoid the mouths of the hungry larger fish. Such an amusing sight to behold. But, enough of the scenery, let's take a look at our progress of the past few days!

Shell helped Poppy get started on the master bedroom walls. Now we have gotten two of the four walls totally hung and half of the north wall done. We have also moved the drywall leaning against the last wall so now he can finally get to the electrical outlets and switches that need finalizing. We will insulate this last wall to help keep our bedroom quiet from noise on the stairway and the upstairs bathroom, then we can drywall that final wall. In the photo above you see Poppy finishing up the front wall under the windows.
Today we accomplished the last ceiling job. With the help of the trusty drywall jacks, we got all the garage ceiling hung with no snags. Now we can install lights and the garage door opener, which will be very nice. Maybe someday soon we will actually pull cars into the garage!! That will be one very HAPPY day for Poppy! I know this will definitely happen before the snow flies! We are hoping to get the front porch wall sided to match the green on Saturday, so I will definitely post photos once that is done. Have a great weekend!

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